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Bach Solo Violin Sonatas: G minor, A minor, C major 

                                             Available to purchase here

Bach. Prelude X (2 cellos)

Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata

Casals. Cant dell Oscells (Song of the Birds)

Cassidy. Brexit

Copland. Hoedown

Debussy. Beau Soir // Reverie

Debussy. Prelude VI (2 cellos), Prelude IX

Debussy. Premiere Arabesque et Deuxième Arabesque

de Falla. Nana // Polo


Elgar. Chanson de Matin // Chanson de Nuit // La Capricieuse 

Faure. Apres en Reve


Godowsky. Alt Wien

Khachaturian. Sabre Dance

Kreisler. Caprice Viennois

Mendelssohn. On Wings of Song

Paganini. Caprice No.6 // No.24

Prokofiev. March

Ravel. Blues // Valse No.6

Saint-Saens. Les Cygnes (2 cellos)

Sarasate. Zapateado // Playera

Schumann. Sehr Langsam

Tchaikovsky. Melodie

Faure - Apres un Reve

Debussy - Piano Prelude No.IX

Debussy - Premiere Arabesque

Debussy - Deuxième Arabesque

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (1st Mov.)

Shostakovich - Elegy and Polka (arr. Jacqueline Thomas)

Poulenc - Prelude for Four Hands (arr. Jacqueline Thomas)

Bazzini - La Ronde des Lutins (arr. Jacqueline Thomas)

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