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Real Emotional Girl   (Randy Newman)

Until     (Sting)

Fragile   (Sting)

I Could Love You in my Sleep ( Ronan MacManus)

They Didn't Believe Me   (Jerome Kern)

Ol'' Man River       (Kern/Hammerstein) 

My Way 

Melted    (Lou Dalgleish)

What Tammy Said   (Lou Dalgleish)


Celia's Song     (David King-Lassman)

I Know Better      (John O'Neill)

Dumptruck.    (Ron Sexsmith)

All Too Much      (Ron Sexsmith)

Warm and Beautiful       (Paul McCartney)


Kiss      (Prince)

Jamaica Farewell

My original arrangements of miscellaneous pop songs are all available to purchase through PayPal for just £20.

Following purchase, a PDF of the music will then be sent to you.

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